Shiva Arms

Written & Performed by Doug Motel

Winner: LA Weekly Award – Best Solo Performance
Winner: Theatre LA Ovation Award – Best Writing of a World Premiere Play
Nominee: Theatre LA Ovation Award – Best Actor

Synopsis: Welcome to the Shiva Arms, the run-down apartment building that is home to the most dysfunctional group of tenants in all of Hollywood. Based on a true story, actor/writer Doug Motel’s tour-de-force brings us 11 colorful, 1980’s characters-from an angry GenX punk artist and a “B” movie actress to a crusty 86 yr. old retired negative cutter.

This band of misfits winds up taking us on a hilarious and touching spiritual odyssey.

“The writer-actor takes us through a succinctly eloquent slice of low-rent-Hollywood life, creating 11 indelible characters. Nothing is lacking, nor is much extraneous in “Shiva Arms,” a work at once uproariously funny and poignant.”
By Sheri Linden
“Motel goes beyond snagging the varied essences of his 11 characters from a low-rent Hollywood apartment complex, using the form for an aim loftier than showcasing his abundant performing skills. The story that unfolds through the affectionate impersonations is a sardonic and sometimes farcical portrait of flinty SoCal dreams, with poetical allusions to larger questions of life, death and spirit.”
Pick of the Week
Steven Leigh Morris

“On the spare, gray stage at the Coast Playhouse, Motel’s story begins as a slice of life, turns into a mystery, transforms into a tragedy and then vacillates with devastating accuracy between slapstick and drama.”
Jana J. Monji

“In his one-man play Shiva Arms, Doug Motel demonstrates that he is an actor of incredible versatility and range. He inhabits the shows 11 characters…with such specificity that it’s hard to believe that the man doesn’t have a diagnosed multi-personality disorder. Each of the characters has a body language, a vocal cadence, mannerisms and tics, even breathing patterns, that are wholly his or her own…That all of these characters come from one man is nothing short of astounding…his performances couldn’t be any richer…go see him”
Edward Shapiro

“Performs 90 minutes straight without props, makeup or changing costumes, and manages to create an inviting, well-rounded microcosm. Highly recommended.”
Todd Everett

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