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Doug Motel

Doug Motel

Hi and welcome to my website. I am an award-winning storyteller, writer, speaker, and coach. My events are a hybrid of performance, humor and tools for positive change.

I see the world of the 21st century as one where people are playing a game of hot potato with fear. Trying to get rid of the fear they have inherited by moving it onto someone else. My live and online work is my attempt to help us change that game to one of passing around joy and a sense of fun.

In my work, I try to address the issues that confront people searching for deeper meaning in their everyday lives. I am an experienced film and television actor, and “downtown theater” solo performer.

I think the best way to describe my stories would be to say that they are dramas told through funny characters with themes such as addiction, grief and the struggle for enlightenment, in all kinds of settings. Learn about my plays:  Mind SaladStarDUST (Adventures in Consciousness)Praestigum and  Shiva Arms

Tommy Westerfield said in THE SAN FRANCISCO BAY GUARDIAN: “Zen farce in which gut-wrenching laughter and gut-wrenching tears are poignantly indistinguishable” and that is probably my favorite quote (thank you Mr. Westerfield wherever you are!)

Personal Growth Workshops

For the past 20 years I have been presenting my workshop that is a combination of lively dialog, meditation, and thought-provoking exercises in a workshop format for groups and organizations all over the U.S.

Illustrating how we can laugh while we are learning has given me a wholly satisfying way to touch people in rehabilitation facilities, people with life threatening illness, caregivers & volunteers and in business environments.  More


One of the ways that I make a living is by coaching people on how to get their story out there about their work. Whether you are an artist or acupuncturist I can show you how to use the web to connect with the people who are looking for your skills. I do that at Site Optimized

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